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  • Can I become a software developer?
    Diego Carleone
    Marine principle states: if you find physically suitable man or woman, you can make him or her a unique fighter, provided them the right training and education. Programming is just the same skill as playing guitar, swimming or riding a bike. People are not born bikers.

    When I see my friends, who work twice as hard as I do and get four times less money, I start the following conversation:

    - Would you like to work as a programmer? You’re really smart. Perhaps, you are simply
    03-02-2015, 02:23 PM
  • I am the best
    Diego Carleone
    1. The best is the enemy of the good

    Being best means being better than the others, exceed them and be different. You cannot become the best doing what everyone else does. You need your own way.

    You cannot be best in everything: while you study everything, someone specializes on one thing. The one way to become the best is choosing a one very certain specialization and become a world-class specialist in it.
    02-27-2015, 02:33 PM
  • Real World Guide
    Diego Carleone
    When I retrained my friends to be programmers, I noticed an interesting thing. People that already worked somewhere were learning very gladly. And the more experience they had out of IT, the more diligently they studied. Those, who were college students, sometimes just didn’t care.

    Having talked to working people and the students I noticed, that students believe in “magical employment” waiting for them right after they graduate.

    Now, for those who haven’t yet gotten
    02-27-2015, 11:06 AM
  • JavaRush – learning programming in Java
    Diego Carleone
    How about an entirely new way to study programming and get an education? That doesn’t look like anything you’ve seen before. How about learning, where you have an aim, means and result?
    I am happy to present you the new online course to learn programming in Java.

    1. Training is an online-game

    You take a task, execute it and get a reward. I think it is clear and common for you. Tasks are most various: reading code, solving tasks, videos-lessons, correction of errors...
    02-23-2015, 10:18 AM
  • Roadmap of a Java Developer
    Diego Carleone
    A friend of mine was wondering why developers are always so happy. The answer she came with was simple and surprising: they do what they like and earn big money. Welcome to the world of software developers!

    Software developer’s salary

    I would like to tell you about developers’ salaries. How the land lies with salaries, where you should go work, and where you shouldn’t. If you are not a developer and try to puzzle it out on your own, you may get a rather controversial data. ...
    02-20-2015, 01:59 PM
  • JavaRush Guide
    Diego Carleone
    I always told my students that computer programming is easy and interesting. Now you can make sure of it by yourself.

    The goal of the course
    is to enjoy studying, have fun and gain real programming skills in Java, which will help you to get a job as a software developer. That’s why there are many practical tasks in the course. Task complexity grows graduallyfrom simple to the most complex ones.
    02-15-2015, 06:59 PM

  • Honorcode of JavaRush

    Honor Code of JavaRush is very simple! We are sure that absolutely each student of the project can, should and must follow these easy and clear rules.

    They are just three:

    1. Everybody should write his code on his own.
    2. Publication of a full task solution on any sites in web is prohibited.
    3. If you have problems with solving tasks, you should ask other JavaRush students for help.

    Now, we’ll tell you about each rule in details.
    Everybody should write his code on his own.

    In order to obtain maximum benefit from course you have to write your code independently. Certainly, you may ask for an advice in other students or in those who are already Java developer; you can ask what you did wrong, where to find an error etc. However, nobody should solve tasks instead of you!
    Publication of a full task solution on any sites in web is prohibited.

    Posting you code (that passed tests on JavaRush) in web (on sites like GitHub, forums, social networks etc.), you provide disservice to ones who just started to solve these tasks. It can lead to copying mindlessly by others and the effectiveness of their training will be significantly decreased. Please, be honest and let others avoid the temptation to violate the first paragraph of this Code!

    Administration of the project is very serious about this rule. Therefore, punishment of violators will be very tough - their accounts on JavaRush will be blocked!
    If you have problems with solving tasks, you should ask other JavaRush students for help

    When passing JavaRush you will face with lots of difficult tasks. Not all of them you may solve on the first try. However, don't despair and give up, difficulties are absolutely normal when learning something new. This is the only way you’ll remember properly and learn how to use studied material on practice.

    In order to make your study more effective, we have created special service - Help JavaRush. There you can ask for the help in solving any task of the course. Furthermore, you may post your inactive code there, discuss it with other students of the project and together overcome difficulties.

    Such approach is unbelievably effective!

    General recommendations

    Our main rule is that everyone writes his own code. Discussions of questions and problems related to your code is good.

    Coping the code to your task solution or posting your working code in web is bad. To be more specific, we listed some “You can” and “You cannot” below, to make learning and students cooperation more effective on JavaRush course:
    • You cannot copy code to your task solution from any sites in web (except from task sample that we provide) when working on tasks.
    • You cannot share correct task solutions with other students of the course.
    • You can freely discuss issues/problems, related to your task with other students on our forum or personally.
    • You cannot post working code (or links to working code) of your solutions on forum or in our groups. Posting of such information deprives other students of the opportunity to solve the task independently.
    • You can post parts of your incorrect code on our Help service to ask for a help in finding errors in it.

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