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  • Can I become a software developer?
    Diego Carleone
    Marine principle states: if you find physically suitable man or woman, you can make him or her a unique fighter, provided them the right training and education. Programming is just the same skill as playing guitar, swimming or riding a bike. People are not born bikers.

    When I see my friends, who work twice as hard as I do and get four times less money, I start the following conversation:

    - Would you like to work as a programmer? You’re really smart. Perhaps, you are simply
    03-02-2015, 02:23 PM
  • I am the best
    Diego Carleone
    1. The best is the enemy of the good

    Being best means being better than the others, exceed them and be different. You cannot become the best doing what everyone else does. You need your own way.

    You cannot be best in everything: while you study everything, someone specializes on one thing. The one way to become the best is choosing a one very certain specialization and become a world-class specialist in it.
    02-27-2015, 02:33 PM
  • Real World Guide
    Diego Carleone
    When I retrained my friends to be programmers, I noticed an interesting thing. People that already worked somewhere were learning very gladly. And the more experience they had out of IT, the more diligently they studied. Those, who were college students, sometimes just didn’t care.

    Having talked to working people and the students I noticed, that students believe in “magical employment” waiting for them right after they graduate.

    Now, for those who haven’t yet gotten
    02-27-2015, 11:06 AM
  • JavaRush – learning programming in Java
    Diego Carleone
    How about an entirely new way to study programming and get an education? That doesn’t look like anything you’ve seen before. How about learning, where you have an aim, means and result?
    I am happy to present you the new online course to learn programming in Java.

    1. Training is an online-game

    You take a task, execute it and get a reward. I think it is clear and common for you. Tasks are most various: reading code, solving tasks, videos-lessons, correction of errors...
    02-23-2015, 10:18 AM
  • Roadmap of a Java Developer
    Diego Carleone
    A friend of mine was wondering why developers are always so happy. The answer she came with was simple and surprising: they do what they like and earn big money. Welcome to the world of software developers!

    Software developer’s salary

    I would like to tell you about developers’ salaries. How the land lies with salaries, where you should go work, and where you shouldn’t. If you are not a developer and try to puzzle it out on your own, you may get a rather controversial data. ...
    02-20-2015, 01:59 PM
  • JavaRush Guide
    Diego Carleone
    I always told my students that computer programming is easy and interesting. Now you can make sure of it by yourself.

    The goal of the course
    is to enjoy studying, have fun and gain real programming skills in Java, which will help you to get a job as a software developer. That’s why there are many practical tasks in the course. Task complexity grows graduallyfrom simple to the most complex ones.
    02-15-2015, 06:59 PM

  • JavaRush is awesome

    JavaRush is the best online service to learn programming in Java. Even better then you could have imagined (current statement is based on survey data).

    We are not education course aggregator; we are single highly specialized course. We teach only one thing: Java programming. We’ve taken up this one and only task, and we perform it better than anyone in the world.

    You can make sure of it in the nearest future.

    Click image for larger version

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    We are going to retrain a million people to become Java developers. And if you are reading these lines, you are probably going to be one of the first.

    I’m happy to inform you that now it is easy to become a programmer, and your previous education and experience are irrelevant.

    1. Training is an online-game
    You take a task, execute it and get a reward. I think it is clear and common for you. Tasks are most various: reading code, solving tasks, videos-lessons, correction of errors in the code, adding new features, large tasks, writing games and a lot more.

    2. Only the bare essentials
    In order for the course not to last for 5 years, I threw away all useful and left only most necessary things from it. I analyzed tens of vacancies on the labor market. All topics newbie needs to know to get a Java Junior Developer job are included in the course.

    3. I’ve approached your training thoroughly
    A complete course contains 500 mini-lectures and 1200 (!) practical tasks. Tasks are small, but they are numerous. There is a great deal of them. Just that minimum, doing which, you will get such a valuable experience.
    There is also work in pairs, different games, large tasks, real projects and other types of practice.

    4. You cannot finish the game and not become a developer
    Course contains 40 levels. You can move to the next level, only if you’ve solved greater part of tasks on the current level. Starting with little and easy, ending with large and very useful. Each person who reaches the end will get 300-500 hours of practical experience. And this gives a great chance to win. And to get a job.

    5. Goal- oriented job interview preparation
    Last 10 levels are dedicated to writing a resume, to preparation for the interview and obtaining skills of team-work. The videos of job interviews and their analysis will be added. Well and, certainly, typical questions on interview with answers.

    6. You can solve tasks directly on site
    It’s very handy and effective. Having just analyzed a new task in lecture you’d have to make your own by analogy just right here, on the site. For those who want to do the task in IDE there is a plugin which enables you to receive a task in two clicks and hand it in for checking in one.
    Lectures, analysis of examples, solving tasks directly on a web-site, solving tasks in IDE - a gap between theory and practice is as thin as never before.

    7. Instant task check (in less than second)
    Are you familiar with situation, when you handed over a task/work for checking, and had to wait for results for a week, because the person who checks it is busy? This is just the case with most offline courses.
    In JavaRush you will get results of compiling and checking of your task solution in less than a second, after pressing an «Execute/Check» button.

    8. You will only need your brain and computer to become a developer
    It will take you 3 to 6 months, depending on how much time you practice.

    9. Support
    Click image for larger version

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    No doubt questions will arise when you face thousands of tasks. We’ve established a special service (, where you will be able to ask questions about tasks. Other javarush-students, moderators, volunteers and founding members of the service will be answering you.

    10. JavaRush loves it, when you spend time on Facebook during study
    On Facebook there is a page dedicated to the project. In it you can find interesting technical articles, motivational stories, JavaRush news and a lot of other useful information.

    11. Coverage
    In lectures there are many references to different web-sites, where you can read explanations of other lecturers. My aim is that you understand the material, not listen solely to me.

    12. Community
    Click image for larger version

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    We believe that strength is in unity. Therefore we created the Community (, where you can ask questions; discuss different topics, share articles and blog.

    Besides, a community is the ideal place to get a job on acquaintance. Therefore feel free to ask smart questions and give smart answers. The more active you behave and help other, the more chances, that other member of association will suggest you to join their project.
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