Selecting an appropriate essay topic is considered as one of most significant part of composing an excellent essay. If you select the right essay topic, then the task of essay writing will become much easier for you. According to many eminent academic writers, the success of an essay depends on the topic.
Several academic writing websites have emerged in the past few years providing online academic writing services to help the students attain academic excellence. According to essay experts, the following tips can be employed in order to choose a winning essay.
1. Do brainstorming
It is impossible to choose a winning essay topic without brainstorming. This is considered as the most effective way to generate topic ideas. You have to understand your interests, weaknesses, and strengths before selecting a topic. Otherwise, you will not be able to compose a great essay.
2. Choose a topic that seems interesting
The topic that you have chosen should interest you. If the topic interests you, your enthusiasm will be reflected eventually in your writing. If your professor has already assigned you an essay topic, then you should try to find out an aspect that seems interesting to you. If you choose a tedious topic, you will lack interest with the passage of time.
3. Select a topic which you are well-acquainted with
You must choose a topic about which you have adequate knowledge. Select a familiar topic instead of picking a complicated topic. It is recommended to select a topic which you are comfortable with.
4. Make a list of topic ideas
While brainstorming, several topic ideas will pop up in your mind. It is suggested to make a list of all those topic ideas. After that, you need to research on each topic included in that list. It will help you find out the most appropriate essay topic.
5. Avoid conventional topics
It is recommended to omit all the conventional topics from that list. If you want to create a positive impact on your readers, you should choose an innovative and interesting topic.
6. Narrow down the topic
A topic has multiple significant perspectives. But it is just next to impossible to discuss all the aspects in a single essay or paper. That is the reason why you have to narrow down your topic. It is recommended to choose the three most significant aspects of the topic.
7. Do research on the topic
The only way to find out the three most significant aspects of a topic is to carry out a research on the topic. This is the most effective way to acquire relevant data and information. The research has to be systematic and empirical.
8. Adopt an interesting approach
It is recommended to find out an interesting way to approach the essay topic that you have selected. You should treat the topic differently.
Topic suggestion
A list of some winning topic is given below. But this is not an exhaustive list.
  • Child labour
  • The impact of nuclear weapons
  • Global warning
  • The responsibilities of a student
  • Democracy
  • Do social norms create an impact on literature
  • Impact of social networking sites on teenagers
  • Bullying in college campus
  • Ethnic diversity
  • Can e-books replace printed books?
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