After leaving school and entering a university every freshman begins new page in his life, in which everything is so exciting and unknown at first. At the beginning of this new life student should find some best friends and make friendly relations with all the mates. Having these two things will help every student to have unforgettable time at the university and make studying easier.

Every student should remember that friendly atmosphere among mates makes studying more interesting and can stimulate for further researching. Such students always can expect for help from mates, they often can do common tasks with pleasure, divide some part of work for everyone. Common work always brings good results and high marks. Friendly mates always ready share useful information, give good recommendations in studying. For example, some of them can say: “read this book to prepare seminar” or “you will have Rush Essay review by”.

Friendly students can spend time together, visit different libraries, museums, galleries, cinemas, theatres, night clubs etc. With good friends and good mates every student can spend wonderful time at the university. So, every student must try to make good relations with his mates.