Dear friends, we are pleased to inform you that JavaRush is finally launched. JavaRush is a next-generation online course to learn programming in Java. Now to become a Java developer is much easier than ever before.

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Here are few words about our course. JavaRush is online quest game for learning programming in Java. It is perfect for those who have never programmed before and who cannot even imagine what it is. To start training allyou need is to go to our website (, choose a convenient way to login and then start practicing. Try it - it's really great! =)

The main goal of the course is to give you all necessary knowledge and skills that are required to get a Java developer job. In JavaRush you will not only learn Java Core at a very high level, but also get 300-500 hours of practical programming experience. Agree, this is a significant advantage in employment!

Our course consists of 40 levels, but at the moment only 6 are ready and available to you. The other levels will be added when they get ready. The approximate dates are as follows: 5 levels per month.

Start practicing and have fun while learning. Do not forget to leave your feedback about the course! Your opinion is very important to us!
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