Feeling stuck on JavaRush task? Cannot find right task solution?

Here is what you can do:
  • Read the condition more attentively and understand what is required to do in the task (maybe you didn't take into account something).
  • If you write code and it doesn't pass tests, check the code one more time. Usually, you just forgot something, or missed semicolon, or had a misprint.
  • Think! If you have problems with task, don't know how to solve it, or simply stuck; sit for a couple of minutes to think it over. Let your brain work! Sometimes all you need to do is give your brain logical task, it will work on it for some time (hours, days, sometimes weeks, depends on task). All that time it will generate new ideas how to solve it. It is a great feeling when you cannot stop thinking about the task. But it is even greater when you find right solution after all. Wish you all to feel it!
  • Some tasks are intentionally given before the lectures that explain them. If you are trying to solve such task for a long time and having no luck, put it aside and switch to the next one. You can turn back to it in a day or two, or after you read lectures on the topic; it will not seem that hard.
  • Look for same tasks problems on our Help service.
  • If you did everything above and still cannot solve the task, then don’t hesitate to ask for a help on http://help.javarush.net.

Still, don't give up on any task! You are smart enough to solve it!
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