The presence of loyal friends is a good opportunity to diversify the life and gray days get new colors. Of course, today's students prefer sedentary lifestyle, so some freshmen feel uncomfortable when they want to make friends. However, you should not be lonely, because there are many young people who want to have good friends, so your desire to be stronger than your fear. Of course, all freshmen feel uncomfortable, but you should not think about it. Talk on different subjects, for example, I recommended bestessay service to my mate, and he became my best friend.

If you think that the branded clothing or material wealth plays a key role for popularity, you are wrong, because real friends are not interested in such matters. They prefer kind and generous students who are willing to help or give advice in any situation. Well-read and charismatic students have the chance to make friends without any problems, so should spend time for self-improvement if you want to be popular. Some students make new friends at the gym or at a sporting event, so you must have interesting hobbies that are popular among your peers. Don’t be shy; make the first step to your new friends!